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Make the Flying Fortress Part 4 - Finishing it

In this part of the tutorial we finish the model by painting it and applying the decals.




The brush is soft bristled and straight cut

Next, as the instructions advised, we paint the outside of the aircraft. Airbrushing is the best way to do this. It will give you an amazing realistic look. I don't have an airbrush so I paint with normal acrylic paints and a brush. For something like this I find that a soft bristle brush with a flat shape gives the best painting work. With a brush like this you can apply a thin yet even coat with little or no brush strokes. That's the key, trying to get it thin, even and without brush strokes.

Paint it smoothly and slowly


This works for the big areas. After I finish with this brush I move on to a smaller brush. This makes it possible to do a neat and clean job around windows and in difficult spots. Same rules, soft bristles, flat brush.

Use a small brush for details


Cut out decal

Cut out each decal individually.


Soak decal in water

Soak it in water.


Slide decal onto aircraft

Slide it off the paper and onto the aircraft.


Dab the decal dry

Then dab it dry.


Chow hound

The chowhound decal is great.


And that's it! The Flying Fortress is complete!

The completed aircraft and diorama

I have also created an air field diorama for this model. And of course I have a tutorial for it. You can check it out right here:


Make a diorama

In this tutorial, which includes a video. I show you some easy techniques for making a diorama. It includes easy painting and easy grass and bushes. Make an airstrip diorama for a military aircraft