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Make a Military Desert Diorama

Here is a tutorial and series of pictures on how to make a desert diorama with some basic materials and military models. If you like making military models and miniatures this is a great way to display them. My thanks to Glen for sending me this tutorial and all these pics. He did a great job on this diorama. Glen has another diorama here: European Cafe


Here is a look at the completed diorama.

The completed diorama


Here is one of the things I really like about making something like this. You buy some kits and models and you make them and paint them. Then you add them to the scene.

This diorama uses four kits. Three of them are Airfix shown in the next picture:

Airfix Military model kits


Italeri Kit Well with Tents

And one kit is a neat Italeri kit with tents and a desert well.

The base of the diorama

Start out by making the base of your diorama. If you want a flat desert you could just use a piece of wood. Or to get some texture you could cover it in plaster or plaster cloth.

This picture shows the addition of the terrain materials. Paint glue onto the surface then sprinkle on the terrain textures.


The terrain


Here is the completed terrain base.


The sprues with parts

Now let's have some fun assembling the various models.


Painting the truck

Paint everything up.


The anti aircraft gun


German soldier


Once the miniature figures are painted it is a great idea to cover the bases with the same material as the base of the diorama.



Miniature soldier

This makes them blend in with the diorama. It gives a much more realistic look.


The diorama

And there you go! The completed diorama.

From here you have the option to secure everything down. Or you can leave it all free so you can move the pieces around and try different configurations.




Weekend Liberty! Jeep Diorama

Here is a terrific little diorama with a Willy's Jeep. This diorama was made by Rod and it was special because he actually owns a real Willy's Jeep. See pics of this and the real Jeep here: Weekend Liberty Diorama


How to make War Torn City Ruins

Here is a nice little tutorial by John where he shows you his techniques for making great looking city ruins. How to Make City Ruins



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