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Two Military Dioramas

These dioramas were made by Glen E. My thanks go to him for sending in the pictures. They are two different dioramas in the WWII era. The first diorama has a Morris Quad Tractor. And the second diorama is of the SD.KFZ.22 and Kublewagon Reconnaisance set. These dioramas are a great example of how you can get and build some miniature military models and then build them into a nice diorama scene.


If you would like to make a military diorama like this but don't know where to start I have a complete tutorial that shows you everything from start to finish. How to make a WW2 military diorama

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Want to know how Glen made the second diorama? Here is his advice including a great tip on how to make tire tracks in the terrain::

First I made the models to give the scale and size to work out; each figure is roughly 6ft tall so I based the judgement of height on that.

I made the terrain for reconnaissance set by using a MDF base ¾"

I then glued using electric glue gun polystyrene insulation to rough shape building up the layers of big terrain, road and small terrain. I just got the basic shape.

Next I mixed up decorator filler what we use for filling in holes to walls; I just proceeded to smear it over the polystyrene to get shape of main terrain and road, you don't need to make it smooth just let the putty/filler knife drag it over, you can play about with it to suit yourself make all sort of rugged shapes, and when it is dry you can sand it down if required. The bulk of the shape is made by the polystyrene. Good thing about this filler it dries back white, if you wanted you could make cliffs and don't even have to paint it-White Cliffs of Dover?

TIPNow here is a good tip for you, when the filler is just starting to cure you can make road tracks or tyre tracks, to do this I used rubber tap washers about the roughly the same width of tyres to the model by putting them onto a pencil you can get them to look like wheels on an axle just roll them across the road going all the way, to get a good effect I did this several times so that tracks crossed over it is a very good effect. Just take the width of axle and tyres from model.

Any grass areas I paint over with green emulsion household paint and brown for the roads, to get the grass effect I used grass static flock from Jarvis and the road I used Jarvis dark earth scatter, the little rock or cork again from Jarvis and bushes Lichen from Jarvis.

The flock is applied but putting PVC glue watered down over then applying the scatter.

When I stick the figures down I then cover their bases with PVA and apply flock to them so you can not see the bases.

My next project I can take photos at each stage if it helps, I plan to use German Infantry, with Tiger Tank and Ruined Café made by Airfix.



Ww II Diorama  Quad tractor

Ww 2 Diorama Quad Tractor

Ww2 Diorama Bunker Ww 2 Diorama Barbed wire


1/72 Morris Quad Tractor & Gun

1-72 Scale. Skill level 2. All Italeri Model kits and are highly detailed. Each come with detailed instructions and painting guide with full color decals.



WW2 Diorama


Ww II Diorama Vehicles


Soldiers in the diorama


Airfix A02312 1:76 Scale SD.KFZ.222 and Kubelwagen Reconnaissance Set Military Vehicles Classic Kit Series 2

This set consists of the Sd Kfz222 four-wheeled armoured car and the Dr F Porsche designed VW type 82 Kubelwagen. Both were used extensively by the German Army, with over 52,000 Kubelwagens being built by 1945. 1-72 Scale. All airfix kits are highly detailed and come with decals, painting guide and detailed instructions. Skill level 2. 57 pieces.The Sd.Kfz.222 light reconnaissance armoured car equipped Wehrmacht units from the beginning of WWII.


The Crashed Spitfire Diorama

Here is an excellent project with a spitfire. 1/72 scale and it shows you how much you can do with a few materials. Learn more and see more pics here The Crashed Spitfire diorama