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A World War 1 Diorama

Here are some pictures of a World War 1 Diorama that is currently being made by Christophe. My thanks to him for submitting this project to my website! He has several diorama projects on this website including a great rock climbing diorama and a river scene diorama.He is a professional scale modeler and he does some really nice work. You can check out his website here: He is recently making a move into dioramas and terrain and is experimenting with different materials and techniques. One of the unique products he is using is something called "Foam Coat" . It is a special material that is used to create a hard shell over materials, most often styrofoam.

Christophe Explains to us how he makes the amazing mud for this diorama:

First I mix some very fine MDF dust (which you can make from sanding mdf) with some pigment dust (I used vallejo burnt umber pigment) and little water so the mdf dust gets some color. Then I put the double amount of dried coffee powder (I don't know how you call it in english, but it's what remains in the filter after you have made coffee, and let it dry) and mix it with water and white glue until you end up with something that looks like mud. The more water you put in, the more liquid the mud will look. When it dries up it becomes very hard and you can put more wet effects on it.




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