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Swapnil's Railroad Diorama

This is a terrific diorama that was made by a web visitor (swapnil). And he has chosen just about the perfect subject for a diorama - Railroad trains. These kinds of dioramas have been around a long time and they are made by both railroad enthusiasts and diorama enthusiasts. And almost everything in this scene is hand made!


Here is what Swapnil has to say about the making of this railroad diroama:

Please find attached the pics of my diorama. None of the scenery materials are purchased from any branded company. The ground cover is made up of colored sawdust, the trees are made up of wires and colored foam. The water is made of epoxy compounds (Araldite, an epoxy glue) and the ballast of the tracks are fine stones purchased at a cheap rate from Mumbai (India)....The rolling stock which you see on the higher track is an Indian railway coach which is completely scratch build using HIP plastic sheet, Vinyl sheet and cyano-acrylate glue. Only the wheels are moulded else everything is hand made....

AND Note that: The Rolling stock which you see on the higher track is yet to be detailed and painted...

And Swapnil Makes a good point about improvising materials for his diorama. 'DIORAMAS FOR PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN A PLACE WHERE BRANDED MATERIALS ARE NOT AVAILABLE' . 


Railroad diorama

The terrain

The trains

Trains on tracks


Road and Ruined Temple - wonderful little diorama with an autumn theme and a pool with a fresco at the bottom. And of course it has the wonderful bricks that Charles makes. The Road and Ruined Temple Diorama


Storm The Castle Diorama (Besieged)

The Storm The Castle Diorama is coming along nicely and the besieged castle is taking shape. This is a massive eight foot diorama. Check it out and learn how to make something like this right here. I have been working on it for a year!


Make Miniature Coal for your Railroad

Here is a neat little trick for making coal that was submitted by a web visitor (Theunis). Check it out here: Make miniature coal for your diorama or railroad.


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