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StormTheCastle Diorama Part 4

This is part 4 of the Storm The Castle diorama. In this part we start working on the buildings of the castle, finishing off their shapes, establishing some details and glueing the castle parts together.

We also do some of the basic terrain work under the castle.

I also have a video of this project. You can watch it at the bottom of this page.


The diorama in its current state

Behind the castle



Detailing the tower

In part 2 of this series we made the rough shapes of the buildings and towers out of foam. In this part we now start to add the details, bringing the buildings to life.

Let's follow how one structure is brought to this stage of the process. We will follow a circular tower.

The shingling on this tower was done with a ball point pen. The scissors are used to trim them a little bit at the bottom.


Checking the scale

And at this stage it is important to check the scale of things as compared to our figures. We want the doors and windows to be right.


carving the stonework

We continue on with the detail work adding brick shapes to the walls, buildings and towers.


Carving a window

And carving out doors and windows.


Using a dremel

A dremel is a really useful tool for doinng some carving and shaping.


The faux door

And here is a faux door that was imprinted with a ball point pen. It will take the paint very nicely and be well textured.


Base coat of black

Once all the desired details are done we paint the whole thing with a base color of black. There is more to come but for now this is good. Most of this will be dry-brushed over with another color. That causes the black just to show in the various details.

This building is pretty simple and other buildings are more complex but this gives you a good overview of how we treated the buildings in this part.

Next we move on to assembling the castle together (Part 4b).


Watch the video tutorial here:



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