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Storm The Castle Diorama Part 8 : The Inner Courtyard

In this part of the tutorial we do detail work on the inner courtyard of the castle. This includes adding benches and some greenery like grass, potted plants and potted trees.

I also have a video tutorial at the bottom of the page.

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Here is a look at the courtyard. This is what we do in this installment.

The Courtyard


Overview of what we do in this section of the project:

We are starting to move into the details of the project. In this part we start with the inner most part of the diorama and add the detail work to the inner court yard. With a diorama of this size we should start on the inner most sections. If we did the outer sections first we would damage them when constantly reaching over them to work in the middle areas!


  • Create the grassy garden areas
  • Make the small trees in the garden area
  • Make wooden benches
  • Make potted plants
  • Make potted trees
  • Glue these small additions into the diorama

Also we do some work outside the Inner courtyard - some of the major work

  • Re-design one of the castle towers changing it from a plain tower to an observation tower
  • Create a stable building for the outer courtyard


Let's Start with the outer buildings we worked on

Modifying a tower

We have this tower that is part of the outer wall and it is nice but let's give it a little pizazz.


Cutting away part of the tower

I cut a slice out of the tower.


The modified tower

Now soldiers can stand in that tower and look out on the battlefield.

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