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The Changing Tree Diorama Part 2

This is Part 2 of how to make the changing tree diorama. In this part I show you how I made the base and how I put it all together. If you came directly to this webpage you can go to part 1 right here: The Tree Diorama Part 1


The foam base

I carved the base out of foam.


The painted base

Then painted it basic colors for grass, soil and rock.


The tree is added

I attached the tree to the base and applied some basic terrain materials.


Painted the tree

I painted the tree and the basic appearance of the diorama is completed. Now I go into some detail work and a lot of this will change over time. For now I added snow but that will clear up and other things will appear/disappear.


The tree with snow added

I painted the top side of the branches with a bright white and I added woodland scenics snow textures to the base. And then I sculpted a small beehive out of balsa wood and added that to the diorama.


The beehive in the snow

Here is a closeup of the beehive.


The big point of this diorama is the "changing tree"! So let's take a look at how it changed!

The Changing Tree diorama through the Seasons


Snow in a diorama scene

How to make snow in a diorama

How to make snow in a diorama Here is a great tutorial submitted by a web visitor. It shows you how to make realistic (and durable) snow from scratch.