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How to Carve a small Decorative Dagger

Lets Make the dagger: There are several steps you take

  1. Part 1 of this tutorial is here
  2. you make the handle
  3. You carve the hand guard
  4. You carve the blade
  5. You glue them all together
  6. Finally, You paint it
  7. If you are making the sheath you carve the two halves
  8. You glue the two halves together


Let's Make the handle of the dagger

You should use a piece of round dowel if it is available to you. If you do not have round dowel you can always look around and find something suitable. I have wooden paint brushes that work well for this. As a last resort you can just take a square length of wood and sand it so it is round.

Sand a square piece to make it round like a dowel

In this picture I have taken a long piece of square wood and sanded it so it is nice and round. You only need a few inches for the handle.


Turn the handle in a drill

To get the nice design on the handle I placed it in a drill then used a carving tool to slowly carve lines and furrows in it. The template you can print up shows you the pattern. This is something that must be done by an adult or under adult supervision. And you have to wear safety glasses. The drill is turned at a slow rate for safety. If your drill does not have a variable speed then do not use it. High speed of a drill will not work correctly and is unsafe. Not to worry. You can just carve the handle by hand and skip this drill step.


Now carve the handguard and the blade. You can see my progress in the picture below. I used a marker to mark up the pieces so I knew approximately what to carve away. You can also see one the two halves of the sheath. One of them is marked up so I know how to carve them. Notice the blade of the daggger; I like to just carve the shape first and leave the block its full thickness. Then after the shape is completed I will carve it down to the right thickness.


Carve the three pieces of the dagger

Once you have the three pieces of the dagger completed you should glue them together and allow the glue to dry before you begin carving the sheath. This way you can use the dagger to size the sheath correctly.


Carving the Sheath is a bit more of a challenge. You can see here how I gently take the wood away from the inside portion of the sheath. You need a carving tool to do this.

carving the sheath

sizing the dagger sheath


This picture shows how you place the dagger inside the sheath as you are carving. This way you can get the size just right. Keep carving until you get a snug fit. Once completed you can glue the two halves of the sheath together.

view inside the dagger sheath

The small picture above shows the two halves of the sheath held together. Try fitting the dagger in there and if it is a nice comfortable fit you can glue the sheath together.


Painting the dagger

Once you have everything made and the glue has dried you can go ahead and paint it. Paint it any color scheme you like. I used Yellow, Gold, and Silver.


The completed daggers

Here is a look at the completed daggers.


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