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How to Cast a metal coin Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we finish making the mold and then we start the metal casting into the mold.

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Mix up equal parts of the OOMOO silicone rubber.









Just like this.








Then pour it into the mold. Pour slowly and in a nice thin stream.








The pouring process creates bubbles that can stick to the coin and cause small imperfections so once it is poured rap on the table very sharply and at least twenty times. This will bring the bubbles up and out of the rubber.

This rubber will take approximately 6 hours to dry so I recommend you have some fun watching my youtube videos while you wait: Will's Youtube videos





Once it is dry you can take it out of the mold. See how the bottom half is clay. Remove all that clay but leave the coin in the rubber.








Ok, so this is what we have. Half the mold. leave the coin in there. We will cast the other half.









Now rebuild the mold just like this with that coin up.









Mix up another batch of the rubber and pour it right on top of that coin. Fill it up and let it dry.









Once that rubber is dry you can remove the cardboard around it and then split it partially open and remove the coin.








Next I used a sharp knife to cut a hole in the top of it. This hole goes right into the top of the coin. We can pour the metal right into this.








Heat up the metal and pour it into the mold. Be very careful with this. That molten metal is very dangerous. It can burn you seriously. I wear protective gloves and am real careful.








Ok, that metal is poured. Rap the mold sharply to make sure the metal settles into all the cracks and shapes of the coin.








Once it cools you can remove the coin. Just ease it right out of the mold.








Use a pair or cutters or scissors to trim off the excess metal. That was the pour hole. You can file any rough spots on that with a file.










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