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How to Make a sword sheath -continued


In this part of the tutorial we cover our cardboard sheath with foam to make it look good. Part 1 of this tutorial is here


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It is pretty easy to cover the sheath with foam. There is just a little bit to think about so you get it nice and smooth looking.

The foam sheets

Here is the foam we are using. It comes in packs of sheets and in different sizes.






The sheath and the foam

Grab yourself a big sheet of the foam. And, we are going to do a similar process to how we did the cardboard. We cover as much of the sheath as possible with one sheet of foam. Then we go ahead and add more as needed to finish off the sheath.




Glue gun works great for attaching the foam to the cardboard but you have to be careful with it. It is very easy to melt the foam with the hot glue. So, if your glue gun has settings put it on low heat.

The best way to do this is to start on the very edge of the sheet and the foam. Put a line of glue on the end of the foam like this and then press the side edge of the sheath to it.

Start on the very edge

Press down onto it until the hot glue has cooled and set. Just a few seconds.

Keep a nice edge on the foam

Looks great. We have a nice crisp edge along the side of that sheath.

Appl hot glue and roll

Apply some hot glue to the flat of the sword and roll it around so the foam is nice and smoothly attached.

Continue to roll the foam

Continue to glue and roll it around until you come to the first edge. Glue it on that edge and then trim off the excess.

Trim the foam

Just as we had to add more cardboard to cover the length of the sword we probably have to do that too with the foam. So, go ahead and add more foam as your sword needs it to cover all the cardboard. Use the same technique of gluing on the edge and rolling it smoothly around, gluing as you go. Match the seams neatly between the pieces of foam.

Cover with foam


Glue the end

Once the whole thing is covered you can glue the end of the scabbard and trim it to look neat like this.







NextOk, let's continue with the tutorial



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