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How to Make Faux Books - Part 4

Here are some tips and techniques on various things you can do with the books to make them look better.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here


Add labels

You can also print up and glue on titles for your books. This gives you the flexibility to use different colored papers, different colored fonts and different styles of fonts.

We chose a medieval font for the books on dragons.






Wash with black

Optionally you can age the books by washing them with a very wet black paint. By wet I mean a tiny bit of black paint with a lot of water. Brush it on then dab it off with a paper towel.






Add a book end

Maybe you want a half a shelf of books so you can add a decorative book end.








Add a book to the end

You simple cut a piece of foam to the shape and size of a book and glue it on the end.







Add details

One of the nice things about the foam is that you can emboss it and press lines and patterns into it. Here we add some indented lines with a pen. This will add a nice detail even after the books are painted.







Add a gold detail

Another nice detail you can add is the raised bands on the spines of old hard cover books. This adds a nice touch.







Cut and trim the details

You mark the bands then cut away around them with an xacto knife or emory boards and sandpaper.







Ok! That's it. We have our first set of books for the wizard's lair. More books to be made!

Want to learn more about the Wizard's lair?



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