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How to make a Knights Gauntlets out of Foam -
Part 2: Shaping the pieces


In this part of the tutorial I show you how to form the shapes of the guantlets using heat. A clothes Iron is perfect for this.

part 1 of this tutorial is here (there is also a video on that page)



Forming the shapes of the pieces


Use an iron This craft foam is really some terrific stuff. You heat it up and it expands and contracts and then sets in place. You can heat it up and shape it then when it cools it stays in the new shape.

So, put a piece between two sheets of paper towel and heat it with a clothes iron. I set my iron in high. But tinker with yours to get the most effective heating and shaping.



Iron it

And iron right over it. Move the iron slowly and press down a little bit. About eight to ten seconds should be right. Experiment with that though. All irons, and paper towels are different!






Shape it

Quickly remove it from the paper towels and push it onto a cylindrical object about the size of a finger. I used a wooden dowel. You can use just about anything including your finger if it isn't too hot. Test it so you don't burn yourself.

Push on it a bit and shape it. It will shape easily. And in about ten seconds it will be cooled.





Nice curve shape

There you go! Nicely shaped. Go ahead and do all the finger pieces.








Shape the knuckles

The five knuckle pieces are round and they should be shaped into little bowl like shapes. You can do this by ironing them then pressing them against something round like a ping pong ball.







The knuckle piece

It should look like this.








The back of the hand

There are two pieces remaining - the back of the hand and the wrist piece. Take the back of the hand piece and place it on your hand like this (right after heating it) and press it to the shape of your hand. Put extra emphasis on the spaces between your fingers, depressing those areas down firmly.






Back of hand

It should end up looking something like this.









Form on wrist

Now take the wrist piece, heat it and form it on your wrist like this.







The wrist piece is curved

This picture is a bit blurry but it gives you an idea of what you should end up with that wrist piece. See how it curls around?





NextOkay we have shaped the pieces. Let's paint the pieces


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