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Make a Box Kite Part 3

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Now you have the frame of the kite completed all we have to do is add the plastic (or newspaper) and then add the strings and you are ready to fly it.

Cut yourself two pieces of plastic or newspaper that are 11 inches wide and 48 inches long.

attach plastic to the kite frame

Using masking tape attach one end of the plastic to one of the bars as shown.







finish the wrapping

Now wrap the plastic around the kite, trim it to size and tape it down to the bar. It should only make one revolution and end right at the bar where you first started.






wrapping completed

This image shows the plastic wrapping completed. It looks nice. Good Job! Now we need to strengthen this plastic a bit and you absolutely have to do the next step if you used news paper. it will prevent the kite from tearing.






wrap the ends with tape

Wrap tape along the ends of the plastic or newspaper. This will prevent them from tearing. Just a single layer of tape all the way around the kite will be fine. Do this on both edges.







attach a string

Attach a piece of string to the kite at the points shown. After it is attached, tied and taped it should be about 36 inches long.

The third arrow shows where your kite string attaches to the string you just put on the kite. It should be about 14 inches from the side on the left.





A closeup of the string attached to kiteAttaching the string to the kite can be a little tricky but it will be strong enough if you cut a small hole in the masking tape and then wrap the string right around the wooden stick.

Your kite is done! Congratulations! Now go out and have some fun with it. :)







Here is a picture of the kite I made in action!

Difficult to see the kite in this one but looks kind of nice in the sunset.


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