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How to Make a Knight's Templar Sword part 3: Making the fuller (Blood groove)

In this part of the tutorial we make the fuller on the sword. That is the groove down the middle of the blade. It is often called the blood groove.

Optionally you can save some work by simply painting the fuller on.


Place the template

The blade template has the fuller drawn on it. Place that template on the sword just like this.


Draw the pattern of the fuller

Use a ruler and a blunted pencil to firmly draw over the fuller lines on the template. This causes an indent in the foam board of the sword.


Re draw the fuller lines

Remove the template. You should be able to see the indents you created on the sword. Redraw them with a ruler and pencil so they are clear to see.


Cut the paper for the fuller

Use a sharp knife to cut away the layer of paper that makes up the fuller. You want to remove the paper, exposing the foam beneath.


Peel the paper

This picture shows the removal of the top layer of paper.


Will's Tip on Removing the top layer of paper : If you have trouble removing the paper I have a solution for you. With a cotton swab you can apply a chemical to the paper that will quickly dissolve the glue. Then the paper will peel off effortlessly. Use either a product called Goof-off or Fingernail polish remover (Acetone).

Apply acetone


The fuller is cut

The fuller is cut and it looks great. Let's shape it.


Shape the fuller with sandpaper

We want the fuller to be shaped like a half pipe -with a nice curving downward shape. You can easily achieve this with some sand paper you wrap around your finger or wrapped around a pencil.


NextOkay! The fuller is done. Let's finish the sword by doing the detail work and painting it


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