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Make a Medieval Flanged Mace part 2

In this part of the tutorial we put the parts of the mace together.


Start by putting together the two spike assemblies. You glue two pieces together like this. And you do this twice, ending up with two spikes.


assemble the spikes


An assembled spike

Set those spikes aside for now.


The four long and thin rectangular strips are bands that wrap around the handle of the mace. But foamboard strips do not wrap well around that diameter. It will crinkle and wrinkle. So cut them in half along the edge. This makes them thinner.

Cut strips in half along their sides


On one end of the dowel wrap and glue a band. Then glue the spike right onto the end.

Glue a band and a spike to the end of the dowel


Then glue on the four flanges. Put them right up against that band.

Add the flanges


Now finish off the foamboard by adding the four remaining foam board parts. The arrows in this picture show you where to put them.

Glue on the remaining parts


Let's finish the mace by painting it and adding an optional leather grip


Viking Axe

New: Make a strong Viking axe out of foamboard or cardboard

This is a fun and easy project. And you can handle it a lot because it is durable. I also show you a new technique for making the bevel on bladed weapons. How to Make a Viking Axe