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Make a Medieval Plague Mask - Part 2


In part 1 of this tutorial we made the various pieces and did all the prep work on the mask. In this part we put it all together.




Tape together the two halves

Tape together the two halves of the mask like this. First tape only the outside like you see here.


Use the tabs

Now use the tabs you cut and tape them into the inside of the mask like this. The mask should have a nice open mask like shape.


Fold tabs like this

Fold the tabs on the piece that looks like a christmas tree. Score them with a sharp knife if you have difficulty folding them straight.


Apply to inside of mask

Apply glue or gluestick to those tabs and tape the christmas tree into the beak of the mask.


Tape the whole thing


Tape the whole thing like you see here, not just the tip.


Tape the front piece

Tape the front piece on, splitting the slot you had made.


The result

The mask is taped together like this.


Glue eye port assembly

Now glue the two eye port assemblies together. You glue a plastic disc to a ring then glue another ring on top. You end up with a plastic disc sandwiched between two rings. Be sure that each assembly has one silver side ring facing out.


Cover mask with duct tape

Now cover the whole outside of the mask with duct tape.


Tape inside

You can also tape the whole inside or just around the eyeholes so it is more comfortable around your eyes. Later you can also glue some cloth around those eyeholes to make it even more comfortable.

NextOkay! Let's Finish this mask


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