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Make a Skeleton Marionette 5 - Stringing it up for the easy way


The beginning of this tutorial is here

In this part of the tutorial we string up the marionette the easy way. It is a five string stringing. And a perfectly great marionette. But the head doesn't pop off.


Before Beginning: Connect the head to the neck. If you haven't done it already make a ring and connect the head to the neck.


Now make the hand held X for stringing it up. Use thin but strong pieces of wood or wooden dowels. Each piece is sixteen inches long. Tape them together to form an X shape like this.











Now we need an easy way to string this up comfortably and get the string lengths right. So you want to get the X shape up high somewhere. I taped a stick to the top of a door way then taped the X to it on the end like this. Now we can add the strings and the marionette will hang freely. This makes it very easy. Figure out a way to do this.


Put five strings on the X. One right in the center and one at each of the four stick ends.

NOTICE the way I have this X oriented. The narrower areas of the X are near me and away from me. The wider openings are left and right.

I am looking right at the marionette and it is facing toward me. Well, not exactly toward the camera view It is peering between the strings 1 and 2.


So here is how to string it up.

Use this picture and the picture above to understand how the strings go.

Connect string 1 from the X to the top of the head. Do this string first because it gives you the best results.

Connect strings 2 and 3 to each of the marionettes wrists. These strings are in the front of the marionette.

Finally connect strings 4 and 5 to the knees of the marionette. These strings go the back side of the marionette.

That's It! Your Marionette is done. Tinker with the length of the strings to make them comfortable for your height. And tinker with them to make them all taut with the skeleton in the standing yet relaxed position.

If you make this project be sure to send me a picture!!

And, if you want to make the more advanced stringing with the head that pops off the tutorial is right here: Make the head popping marionette





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