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Make a Star Wars Light Dagger - Part 5

In this part of the tutorial we paint the blade of the dagger. And I show you how to do it without warping the blade.

Part 1 of the tutorial is here



Painting the blade


We solve the problem by covering the blade, on both sides, with a clear cellophane tape or a clear packing tape. Then we will paint right onto that tape.

I have packing tape which is two inches wide which is the width of the blade. This makes it very easy.

Apply tape to the blade

I applied a layer of packing tape to each side of the blade then trimmed it.



Trim the end of the blade

Then I trimmed the end of the blade to the shape I wanted.







The paints

Now we will paint the blade. You can do any color you want. I have chosen blue.

We will use two different shades of that color. So select a light blue and a dark blue. And we will need a white.




Start the painting

Start with your dark blue. Run a nice squiggly line down the middle. And add some dark blue along each edge.






Move on to light blue paint

Then move onto your light blue and start filling in the spaces in between.







Finish off the painting

Now finish it off by adding squiggles of your dark color, your light color and white to the center section.







And that's it! Your light dagger is done. Congratulations. Be sure to send me a pic!

The light dagger is done





Make the Resident Evil Zombie Killing Kukri blades

This is an easy project that you can make in no time. All it takes is one sheet of foamboard and you can make both of them and even the shuriken. Of course I give you the template. Make the Resident Evil Kukri



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