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Make Fili's Warhammer - Part 4


In this part of the tutorial we work on the handle.

Part 1 ( the beginning) of this tutorial with video is here


Drill a hole for the handle

Let's drill a hole for the handle of the hammer. Drill a diagonal hole right through the center of one of the diamonds. It will come out the center of the other diamond diagonally across the hammer head.

My drill bit isn't long enough to go all the way though so I drilled this hole half way through. Then I turned the block over and drilled from the other side to the middle so they meet.


Insert the dowel handle

Now insert the dowel into the hole and push it all the way through. It should stick out the far end about half an inch.


Add a collar to the handle

Next make a little collar like this. It is four pieces of foam. They are about an inch wide. And they are glued all the way around the dowel approximately 7 inches from the head of the hammer.


It looks good

Like this.


Add a foam pommel

Now carve a pommel and glue it onto the end of the handle. This isn't glued onto the flat end. I actually drilled a hole in that pommel and slid it right over the handle.

Now create the handle cover. You can simply paint the handle black from the collar to the pommel. Or you can wrap it in some kind of vinyl or fabric. I glued on black vinyl.

Wrap the handle

Then wrap the handle with twine or string in an X pattern like this.

Wrap the handle with string


NextLet's continue with the tutorial


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