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Adventure Time: Make Finn's Sword Continued



This is part 2 of the tutorial. If you need to find part 1 it is right here.


Prime it

You will need primer and a brush/sponge of any kind to apply the primer. Apply a thin, even layer of primer to both sides of the sword, taking care not to put on so much that you cannot see your drawing beneath the paint. We're using Behr Premium Plus ULTRA in White. This image shows the sword after it has been primed. As you can see, the detail lines are still clearly visible.







Let it dry


  Now, set the sword aside for a few minutes and allow for it to dry.














Carve out the pommel

Once it's dry, grab a sculpting tool, or your exacto knife if you don't have anything else, and cut out the inner circle on the tip of the hilt. All we're trying to achieve here is what's known as a relief, or a depression in the foam board that sinks lower than the rest of the surface. This is where we'll be putting our cellophane at the end of the project.


When you're done it should look like this ON BOTH SIDES.







The paints

Grab your yellow acrylic paint and a thick, wide flat brush. Cover your work area in newspaper or scrap paper to protect your work surface and avoid an unsightly mess. You'll also want to grab a cup of water, and a rag or paper towels for wiping up any spills and drying off your brush after rinsing between colors.


We had a few options for yellow/gold paint. Since Finn's sword is bright yellow in the cartoon, we opted for Americana brand acrylic in Cadmium Yellow. (center)


Paint the blade

It's time to paint the blade, which should look a little something like this.








The blade is painted


Make sure you paint ALL of the blade-- this means the sides, too!

Paint the edge


  Once you're done painting the blade yellow, place it somewhere to dry. Make sure it is COMPLETELY DRY before moving on to any of the next steps because if it's still wet, you run the risk of smearing yellow paint where you don't want it and potentially ruining the appearance of the sword.

When the sword is done drying, finish the blade by adding in the details. This is where your brown marker and brown paint will come into play. Here are the two items we used to achieve the desired rust color:

Small Potatoes by Crayola (Washable Mini Magic Markers, any Crayola brand brown marker would be ideal)

and Apple Barrel Gloss Acrylic in Crown Gold


Marker   Gold paint


You can also grab a small selection of fine paint brushes for clean line work.











Use the marker to make the line down the center and the various X's on the sword.

Mark the lines  The marks


Set this aside to dry for a few minutes before moving on to the hilt.

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