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Make Foam Armor Knight's Cuisses - Part 3

In this part of the tutorial we add some detail work to the cuisses and we paint them.


Part 1 of this tutorial is here



This is optional but a nice detail you can add to your cuisses. Apply edging along the top edge. I used hot glue and network cable. Apply it all the way around. But don't put it over the seam so it stops you from opening or closing the cuisses.




You can also cover any seams if you like.


Alternately: Rather than using wire or network cable you can cut 1/4 inch wide strips of craft foam and use them.




Now let's paint them

Start by painting the whole cuisses with a coat of black paint.







Once the black paint is dry you then paint the cuisses silver. I used a Rustoleum metallic finish silver spray paint.







You can't just put the cuisses on. They will ride down your thighs and not sit properly. To fix this we attach them to the greaves.

This picture shows where we attach them. The X's show it. One x on the rounded hump part of the cuisse and one x on the greave.





So, fit the cuisse into the greave. And put it so that it will hinge freely as you bend your knee.


To attach the two pieces together I used brass fasteners.








You simply pierce holes in both the pieces then insert the brass fastener and bend over the tabs on the inside. So, the two pieces are assembled together and still can move and pivot on the brass fastener like a hinge.







And that's it! Your cuisses are complete, made and attached to the greaves.









Make foam armor Greaves

Another piece in the series of foam armor pieces that I am doing. Almost done with the whole set. These are the lower legs and I show you how to make them out of foam yet make them look like metal. Make foam armor greaves




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