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Make FrostMourne - Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we put the sword together, add the symbols and then create and add the skull mask.

Part 1 of this tutorial is right here



Assemble the two pieces together

Glue together the first and second assemblies. You can see how the first one fits right into the second one. Trim the slot or the peg as needed for a snug fit.


GLue on the third assemblyl

Then glue the third assembly right on top like this. See how it hides the seam between the first two assemblies. Flip the sword over and glue another third assembly on that side.


There you go. The main parts of the sword are assembled.

The sword looks good


Cut out the symbols in the template and lay them onto the sword blade like this.

Lay the symbols on the sword


Cut out the symbols

Use a sharp knife to cut out the symbols. Just cut through the top layer of the foam board paper and some of the foam.


Close up of a symbol cut

To make the symbols cut away the top layer of paper and some of the foam inside.

Brush some white glue into these letters to strengthen them and make them look crisper.


The skull template

Now let's do the skull. Cut it away from the template page and glue it down to cereal box cardboard like this. Glue it to the colorful side of the box.


Cut out eyes and nostrils

Cut out the skull and then cut out the eyes and the nostrils.


Score the middle

Score the line down the middle of the skull face. We score it with a knife which means we cut it but not all the way through.


Add pieces behind

Now lets add some cereal box cardboard pieces behind the eyes and the nostrils to give them some depth.


Use hot glue to add depth

You create this depth effect in the eyes and nostrils by putting a thick bead of hot glue around them and letting it dry.


Glue on small pieces of cardboard

And then gluing on a piece of cereal box cardboard.


Fold over for shape and depth

Once you have the eyes and nostrils done go let's make it a bit of a three dimensional shape. Fold the skull face down the center line like this. Just fold it a bit. Then pull those tabs at the top toward each other and glue them one right on top of the other.

NextOkay! Let's continue with the tutorial


WOW World of Warcraft Lich King Arthas Frostmourne Keychain





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