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Make Ruby's Dagger from Supernatural
(The Demon Killer)


The TV show "Supernatural" is a very popular show and there are some iconic items in it. Two of which are Ruby's Knife and Dean's Pendant. In this tutorial I show you how to make Ruby's Knife out of common materials.

I have a template for this project. It is right here. And I also have a video tutorial for this project at the bottom of the page.

The template for this project is here



Ruby's Knife complete


Cut out the template pieces

Print up the template and cut out the pieces. There are five pieces.


Trace onto foam board

Place those pieces on foamboard and trace them.

Cut out the pieces

Using a sharp knife cut the pieces out.

The five pieces

Here are the five pieces. Now you can use some fine grit sand paper to clean everything up and smooth things out.

Sand the serrations

Gently fold over a piece of sandpaper to get at sanding the serrations.


Mark the slot

Now we need to create a slot in the guard for the handle to slot into. So place the knife blade tab right on the guard like this and draw a line around that tab.


Cut out the slot

It ends up looking like this. Great! Now cut that rectangle right out.


Glue blade into slot

And glue the tab of that blade right into the slot. Easy enough.

Glue three handle pieces together

Now glue those three handle pieces together.

Glue handle to blade

Now glue that handle assembly to the blade. Take a close look at the picture of my knife on the template because there is a wrong way and a right way to glue these two pieces together.



NextOkay! The knife is made now lets add the symbols, details and paint

You can watch the video tutorial here


Like Supernatural? Want to do another project? This knife was a collaboration between my youtube channel and another channel. On that channel they made Dean's Amulet. Check it out here.





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