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Make Ruby's Dagger from Supernatural
(The Demon Killer)


In this part of the tutorial we finish off the knife by adding the symbols, the details on the handle and the paint.

Part 1 of this tutorial including the template and the video is here.



Place the  symbols

Cut out the symbols in the template and place that piece of paper over the middle of your knife blade. This picture shows me just about ready to place it.


Emboss the symbols

Then trace over those symbols with a blunt pencil or a ball point pen. Press down firmly. What we want is for the symbol pattern to be embossed in the blade of the knife.


Emboss the symbols deeper

Remove the template and emboss the symbols even further. We don't care about the ink or graphite of the pencil. What we want is a deep embossing on the blade.


Draw around the symbols

Now draw a line around those symbols mimicking the pattern of the blade just like this. Just as with the symbols we don't care about the graphite we just want a nice deep embossing.


The Handle

Round off the corners

Use a sharp knife to round off the corners on the handle.


Draw antler lines on the handle

Now let's make the handle look like antler. Draw some lines on it like this, both sides.


pluck out the paper

Cut the top layer of paper on those lines you drew and pluck those pieces of paper right out.


The ridges in the handle

Your handle should look something like this.

Streak it with brown paint

Now paint the handle brown. Make it nice and streaky for a good antler look and if you want to add lustre and body to it you can mix the brown paint with mod podge or gloss medium gel.


Paint the blade and guard silver and that's it! Your Supernatural Knife is complete!

The painting is complete




Make a foam knife that looks real

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Knifemaking Tutorial

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