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Make Soul Edge from Soul Calibur - Part 3


In this part of the tutorial we get back to working on the sword.

Part 1 of this tutorial along with a video is here




Dig a hole in the sword big enough for the eyeball to easily fit into.


Line the hole with duct tape for smoothness and check the eyeball for fit. It should look something like this. Hmmm.... "look" something like this? Seems like an eyeball double entendre.


Drill for the eyeball

Now we are going to install the eyeball. Drill a hole through the sword like this and through the eyeball. And all the way through the sword on the other side of the eyeball too. this is the pivot point that the eyeball will rotate on.


And drill a second hole from the handle side of the sword like this. This hole is for the wire that will move the eyeball back and forth.


Wire the eyeball

On the bottom of the eyeball we put a hoop and a long wire. This is so it can be pushed and pulled.


And install the eye like this. See the hinge dowel that the eye pivots on? And the wire, near the handle is what you push and pull to make the eyeball move.


Now use some crumpled newspaper and cereal box cardboard to build the eye socket around the eyeball. Then paper mache over it.


Next Okay! Let's finish this thing off by painting it



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