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Make the Blade of Mercy from Bloodborne

The blade of mercy is a fun trick weapon from the game. And it is a trick weapon so it is a single sword that transforms into two sword for dual wielding. And this trait is something that I wanted to build into it.

So... this project works as a trick weapon. You can use the dual blades, one in each hand. Or you can snap them together to form a single blade.

And it is an easy project. All you need is a sheet of foam board, some paint and some glue. That's it!

I give you the template which is right here.

Will has a youtube channel with over 700 videos on projects you can make. Check it out right here



The Blade of Mercy


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Materials and tools needed:

  • 1 sheet of foamboard or a piece of cardboard at least 30 inches in length
  • some kind of glue or a hot glue gun
  • Paint, Black, grey or silver, White and Red
  • The template

Note from Will: The Template and this tutorial is absolutely free! But would you consider a donation of $1 to support my work? Paypal makes it very easy and safe. Click here to donate $1 - Every little bit helps Will to keep making great tutorials and templates. Thanks!


Let's Get Started!

How I start the sword design processJust a thought on how I designed out this sword. Before I started I had no idea how I would do it! I definitely wanted it to go together then come apart. It is a nice function of the sword in the game. But How would I do this? The parts had to overlap in places and go inside each other. I used my light box to get these designs right. This way I could draw out parts and overlap them and see through both sheets of paper. If you want to make a light box my tutorial is right here.



Print up and cut out the template

Print up the template and cut out the pieces. There are eight pieces.







How the pieces are arranged

Now we are going to tape together the template pieces so they form the blades. There are diagrams in the template that show you how. Here we see the three parts that make up the A piece. They are A1, A2 and A3.







Tape pieces together

Here is the three parts of the A template in place and I am taping them together. Do this same thing for the B part and the C part.




There they are, the three template pieces. Place them onto foam board and trace them. Note that with the A piece you trace two of them!

Trace onto foam board



Cut out the pieces

Here are the four pieces. They have been traced onto foam board. Now cut them out!







Will's Tips on Cutting Foam board: Don't try to cut all the way through it in one swipe. Use a really sharp blade and make three passes. the first pass just cuts the top layer of paper. Second pass cuts the foam and the third pass cuts through the bottom layer of foam.



The four pieces

Here are the four pieces. To make it easy to put it together write the letter on each of them. The same letter as on the template pieces. Two of them are "A". One is a "B" and one is a "C".



NextOkay! The hard part is done. Let's put it together


Watch the video here:

Bloodborne - Original Soundtrack






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