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Make the Burial Blade from Bloodborne Part 5


Now we put the various parts together.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Put the hinge together to see how it fits. Trim or sand anything as needed so it hinges smoothly but firmly. If it is a little tight that will be ok.

Now put the hinged parts fully together and turn it so the ends of the other end are touching. We are going to put holes for the pins.



Cut some dowel pins. Make one of them 1 inch long. And make three of them 1 1/4 inches long.


Notch those four pins like this near the end.


And cut about a ten inch piece of dowel pin and add a sharp point on one end of it. This will come in handy when we are punching holes.


You can string and paint the pins. The short pin is ok. You don't have to string it. Do this with the long pins. To one of them tie a length of string about ten inches long. Tie a string between two pins that is about five inches long.

You can also paint the pins black.


We are working on the B piece here so take the round B template that you had cut off and place it on the hinge like this.

Notice how the lines match up with one of the arms.


Use a tool to puncture those three holes.


And use your dowel to finish the holes, getting them to the right diameter.


Put the one inch pin in there and glue it in place.



Now gentle rotate the hinge open and look for the holes to re- align in the new position. In the open position if only one hole lines up that is ok. You can pierce a new hole. This way you can lock it with pins in the closed position and in the open position.

NextOk. You are doing great! Let's continue


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