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Make the Dragonbone Dagger part 2: Painting it


In this part of the tutorial we paint the dagger.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here


Prime the dagger with white paint

Before we paint it we should prime it with white paint. So, give it a nice even coat of white. The whole thing.


Painting it! Let's start by painting the dragon bone part of it.


Three colors

We use three colors to do this; White, Orange and Brown.

Start with the White. Paint in pretty much the whole bone section with a thick coat of white.


Start with some orange paint

Then immediately streak in a little bit of orange. You want to do this while the white is wet. Spread it around so it is thin and leaves just a little bit of orange streaking.


Streak on some brown

Then streak in a little bit of brown.

You can spread these paints around a bit and get a feel for how they spread and look. Add more white if you want to.


Add white

Here I am adding more white.


Add extra brown

For a really authentic look you can add just a little bit extra brown right near the center portion of the dagger. This makes it look as if the metal is having an effect on the bone, maybe leaching a little bit into the bone.

Next Continue, let's paint the rest of it


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