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Make the Immortals Sword - Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we do some of the handle and blade work. You can see part 1 of this tutorial here.



Place over the handle

Now lets fit the sword blade into the handle. We do that by overlapping the butt end of the blade, by about two inches over the handle piece just like shown here in the picture.


Trace the shape

Trace the shape of the blade onto the blade section.


Cut out the slot

Then go ahead and cut that piece right out. This is how the handle and the blade will go together.


Glue handle parts together


You have two more handle pieces. Glue one under that cut out handle pair and glue one on top! It creates a slot That the blade will fit into. But don't put it in there yet. We will do that a bit later.


Sand everything

Now sand the handle and blade pieces to remove burrs and rough edges and get it ready for painting. For the most part you just sand the edges and corners, not the flat sides. Except for the sharp blade edge.


Sand the edge of the blade

Except for the blade edge. If you want that to look like a sharp edge of a katana then you can go ahead and sand that down!


Trace onto paper

Now we are going to make paper sides and bottom for the handle piece. This covers up the sanded and layered foam board. Place the handle on paper like this and trace around it. Do this twice. Then do one on the butt end of the handle. You can cut these three pieces out.


GLue the paper onto the handle

And glue these three pieces onto the handle, one on each long side, and one on the butt end. Use regular white glue but dilute it 50/50 with water so it doesn't wrinkle the paper too much.


It looks good

The sides now look great!


Cut out the handle patterns

Now let's continue to work on the handle by cutting out the two patterned pieces.


Glue pattern to handle

And glue them down to the handle, one on each side.

This is pretty nice and looks good. You could leave it like this. Or if you prefer to make it more realistic I will show you how to carve and paint these handles.


Next Okay! Let's continue on with this tutorial



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