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Make the Monster Hunter Ravager Blade - Part 4 - The details

In this part of the tutorial I show you some tips and techniques for doing detail work.

Part 1 of this tutorial (the beginning) is here.



Make the bevels

The actual sword in the game is composed of different pieces of metal that are fabricated together. For most of our sword we don't have to fabricate pieces together. But we can cut grooves in the foam that makes it look like it.

I used a foamwerks foam cutter to cut 45 degree angles. This creates a nice groove.




Foam Werks Tool

Logan Foam Werks Foam Cutting Tool, Straight/Bevel






Use sandpaper

Then I used sandpaper to smooth some surfaces, particularly the cut bevels on the teeth.








I drew out more details and then cut them with the bevel cutter to make them grooves.

Draw details Trim details



Add details

Then I cut some disks out of dowel and glued them in place.







Let's Paint it!

Paint silver

The paint scheme is pretty easy. This part of the sword is silver.







Paint black

And this part is black.








Add red

Then I accentuated the silver by dabbing on some red, while the silver was still wet. It gives it a good look.







Then I did the detail painting including adding some rivets.

Detail painting  Detail painting


Wrap handle with details

Now finish it off by painting the handle black if you haven't already. Then add some strips of silver. You can paint these strips. I have some edging tape so I used that.







And that's it! Your Monster Hunter Ravager is done!!!

The completed ravager blade


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