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Make Wolverine Claws - Part 3


In this part of the tutorial we make the box that the claws slide in.

Part 1 of this tutorial (with video) is right here



Ok, let's make the box. Lay piece "A" down like this so you can see the letters and drawing on it. And glue parts B and C directly down to it. Don't glue B and C to the sides of A. Glue them directly down onto the top of it.

Parts a b and c



Now glue pieces D and E into place. They are the angled pieces. But check out the next picture before gluing these down.








D and E should be glued into place so they have a little bit of space at the walls. This is because the claws will be sliding against the walls like this. So when you are gluing those pieces test the space by putting the claw in there and sliding it back and forth.







Now glue part F onto the other end of the box.










Put the claws in the box, put the cover on (part G) and give it a flick of the wrist to see if it works. The claws should shoot out and stay out. Make any adjustments needed to get the action right.






Once you have it working the way you want it you can go ahead and tape that cover on. Put a long piece of tape on one side to act as a hinge. On the other side you just put a small piece. You want to be able to open this up if needed so you can adjust, fix or remove the claws easily without having to tear things apart.


Okay! We are done building it, Now let's make a way to attach it to your forearm




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