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Spartan Shield Pictures submitted by web visitors


Here are pictures of the Spartan Shield submitted by web visitors. If you came to this webpage directly from a search engine this shield was made based on my Spartan Shield project that is located here.

This shield was made by Tucker. It came out terrific and my thanks to him for submitting the picture.


This shield was made by Rob and his son Chance. It came out absolutely fantastic and my many thanks to them for submitting the pics to Storm The Castle! The first picture shows the front of the shield and the second picture is the back. Rob did some great improvising and to make the back of the shield stronger instead of using a piece of cardboard like I did, he used a pizza tin! That's a great idea and it does make the shield much stronger!

For the arm straps in the back he used the remains of a black leather belt to give them a realistic look.

Shield made by Rob and Chance

back of Rob's Shield


Here is a series of pictures of almost all the Spartan Gear made by Adam. This all came out terrific and my thanks to him for making the gear and for sending me the pics. -Will

Spartan SHield