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How to make the Wonder Woman Bracers - part 2

In this part of the tutorial we paint our bracers using a technique called "dry-brushing" then we transfer our pattern onto them.



Once that black paint has fully dried we can continue working on the bracers. Let's do the dry-brushing.

Note that you might want to first practice this technique on a scrap piece of foam before attempting it on the actual bracers.

Use a soft bristle brush and get some silver paint on your brush.

Silver paint


Then wipe almost all of the paint off your brush. This leaves the brush rather dry, thus the term "dry-brushing".

Dry the brush

Then quickly and with short strokes lightly touching the surface. This takes a little bit of practice. And very little paint goes onto the bracer, which is good! This next picture shows the result after 20 or 30 rapid brush strokes.


Brush it on


Continue the steps of dabbing, drying, then brushing. It takes time. It took me more than ten minutes to do this bracer.

Continue brushing

Keep at it. It will slowly get richer and deeper in silver color. And you can continue doing it until you have the rich silver color that you want.

It looks good

Now lets add the details and gold color.

Place your template back on the bracer and trace over the lines with a blunted pencil. You want to press firmly so it causes an indent in the foam.

Transfer the pattern


You will probably need to do it in small sections. Draw on the template, Lift up a portion of it and redraw the lines on the template. Continue this process until all the lines are drawn on the bracer.

Do it in small sections


Strengthen the lines


You can enhance and deepen the lines by gently cutting them with a sharp knife. Don't cut too deep. this is more of a scratching through the surface of the foam.

Lightly cut the lines


Now do the gold painting.

Painting the gold details


The gold painting is done


Let's finish the bracers by adding the straps (continue)