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Making a diorama Chapter 10:
Moving on to Bigger things

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. It took me many hours and a lot of work to complete it.

You have learned many of the basic techniques for building terrific looking dioramas. These techniques work well regardless of the scale of your scene. I suggest you build several more small scenes then you can move on to larger scenes. Here are some photos of a large scene I am working on. It is seven feet long and four feet wide. I have specially built a wheeled table for it so I can roll it around the room and away from the walls to work on it.. I also have a video of this diorama if you want to check it out. See the waterfall actually working and the lights in action Video of Medieval Castle Diorama

You also can improve your scenery by adding lots of special effects. This scene has many working lights, working sound effects, a fully functional waterfall and a motorized drawbridge.

The diorama


The fantasy Castle Diorama

Here is a shot of the landscape looking over the castle.

The diorama at night

Here is the castle illuminated at night

The castle

Close up of the inside of the castle. Note the working chandelier.

The full diorama with landscape

Overall shot of the control box, the mountains and some of the landscape. The waterfall is to the right of the control box.

Here is a video showing you how this diorama works including the castle lights and the waterfall.


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