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How to Make a Diorama: Chapter1 Part 3: Advanced Materials

Electrical Materials and figures

Wiring up some electrical functions are completely optional in this tutorial. I will show you how to add a light to your scene. If you choose to add this option these are the materials you will need.

The electrical tools

  • Electrical tape
  • soldering pencil
  • solder
  • needle nose pliers
  • small push button switch
  • wire
  • lights
  • 9 volt battery (this works well to activate the light I have selected. You should choose a battery that works for the light you have selected.)


The miniatures

Here is a random set of miniature figues and Items I have chosen for display purposes. Your figures will be different depending on the scene you will create. The scene in this tutorial has three skeletons, one wizard and a treasure chest.

You now have all the materials you need to create your scene. Lets continue on to chapter 2 " The concept, design, and layout of your diorama".

NextContinue to chapter 2 Concept, Layout, and Design of Your Diorama


The scenery manual book

The Scenery Manual The Scenery Manual is the complete Woodland Scenics guide to creating life-like terrain, landscaping and scenic details for your model railroad, military diorama or architectural model. For the beginner or for the advanced hobbyist this book describes the products, the tools, and the foolproof methods used in creating natural settings in scale. No detail has been overlooked. Contains all the proven advise and inside tips for achieving craftsman quality results the very first time. But most important The Scenery Manual offers the confidence necessary to begin any miniature modeling project and finish it with pride.


SubTerrain Manual - Constructing a Lightweight Model Layout the Woodland Scenics Way- In just five easy steps, you'll learn how to build a realistic model railroad layout with mountains, valleys, creeks and low-lying areas. The SubTerrain Lightweight Layout System makes it all possible without the need for power tools or complicated calculations. It's fast and there's no mess to clean up. These 101 pages with 43 illustrations and 160 photos give you all the basics plus the advanced techniques on using SubTerrain's high density foam components. It's fun and anyone can do it anywhere!