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The Lefthanded Sword

The First Chapter -A sneak peek
I have posted an unedited version of the first chapter of the novel to a webpage. Feel free to read it. Chapter One - The Left-handed Sword

About the First Chapter -
A commentary from Will

There is a part of me that hates this first chapter. Let me explain.

When you create characters you grow attached to them. You get to love each one of them for what and who they are. Thats why this chapter gives me pain - it brings a swelling to my heart. It is difficult to see what Arabella and Storm have to go through. So for this reason I seldom re-read this chapter.

But I had no choice in this matter. When I write, the story takes on a life of its own. The characters act in ways that belong to them. I become an observer in the whole process.

I hope you enjoy this first chapter - and if you want to find out more you will just have to buy the novel. -Will

cover art for the lefthanded swordArtwork

I designed and created the cover for the novel. Before settling on the final design I had gone through quite a few variations and medium. here are some of them here.

See more of the first draft artwork for the cover.

A little background on this novel

My fans have been waiting patiently for this novel and I thank you all for your patience. And about this novel everybody always asks me the same question "Does this novel return to Viss and the story from the first novel?" In other words is this novel a sequel?

The answer there is no. This novel is in the same vein as Fulcrum Shift (Epic Fantasy) but Viss, his world, and the challenges it presents him, is not in this novel.

This novel takes place in another world and another time and the main character here is Storm and I hope you can grow as attached to him as you have grown attached to Viss. I know I have.

Storm is an unusual character and if anything I feel more of an affinity toward Storm than Viss. He is a more mature character than Viss and he comes into his story with more skills and more life experience.

But for those of you that are hard core Viss fans you shouldn't worry. Viss will return in the future - I am sure of it. -Will

I have posted a pre-production version of chapter one. Feel free to read it! But when you finish don't get mad at me. The things that happen are really out of my control. This world has built itself and the characters have their own free will. I just wrote it down.

If you want to find out what happens after chapter one you are going to have to buy the book. cuz I ain't tellin.

Chapter One - The Left-handed Sword