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Potential cover art


Here are some samples of the first draft cover artwork for my second novel "The Left Handed Sword. If you want to see what the final cover looks like you will have to wait until the novel comes out!

Concept 1: The Crossroad

This was the first sketch I did for the cover. It came right out without any thought.

I liked this design because it conveyed a sense of the novel on several different levels. There is a lone character standing before a crossroads -which is an obvious metaphor. But I like the fact that the crossing of the two roads also looks like a sword. The shadow of the character is also in the shape of a sword. There is a recursion here that appeals to me. The overall effect of this concept is very dramatic.


I continued to tinker with this ide and tried it in oil paints and construction paper looking to get a certain feel.


Concept 2: The Sword


The sword itself is an important part of the book and I wanted to bring it, and a little bit of its qualities onto the cover so I tinkered with some concepts here.


You can see in the sketch above there is one sword with a hole in the pommel. Through this hole you see the hooded head of a character. I liked this and developed it further. It ended up coming to a more finished scene shown below.



This is a pretty good mock up. Not complete but I liked the design and it gave you a sense of the sword and of one of the characters in the book.

Here is a closer look.


More concept art for The Lefthanded Sword


This is a concept that I am particularly fond of. It didn't seem to make a good impression with other people though.

I like the simplicity of it. One man, one sword and a question. hmmm...


Here are some selected sketches from my sketch pads.