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The Warcraft Virtual Reality Pod

do not disturb playing warcraft sign

I have been mulling around the idea of making myself a home brewed virtual reality booth for some time now but never really made the time to do it. It's been on the back burner. But lately, after somebody offered me a free trial subscription to warcraft this project came back to the forefront.

I have been playing Warcraft in the evenings and really enjoying it. Well, I put two and two together and finally thought: "Maybe I could build the virtual reality chamber now and use it for playing Warcraft!" So that's what I did.


The project took me two full days to complete and here is a little bit about it.


inside the warcraft pod

Inside the Warcraft Pod

I have two computers set up inside. the first computer is used to play Warcraft and the second computer, mounted on the wall to the left of the seat is my research computer. I use this research computer to look up maps, quests and other information while I am playing. The keyboard for this second computer hangs over the main computer.

Other things -The seat is a nice and comfortable bucket seat from a volkswagen fox and behind the seat is a mini refrigerator so I don't have to leave the pod to get a drink or a snack. I also mounted a telephone in the booth , you can see it on the left of the main computer. I also mounted speakers in the corners and have a clipboard for taking notes.

About the mini-refrigerator : It was an after-thought to the whole project so I had to squeeze it in the back and it is a bit awkward opening the door but it will have to stay. If I redesign the pod I will place the fridge in a more convenient location.

warcraft pod outside view

The Size of the Warcraft Pod

Here is a view of the Pod. It is eight feet long and four feet tall. You can see the two computers mounted on the outside. I have these run into a router so they both have internet access. This way I can play the game on one computer and look up resources, maps and information on the other without having to leave the game or alt-tab.





Learn More about the Warcraft Pod including more pictures and a bit about the assembly of it


If you are not a warcraft player you are missing out on something special! Give it a try!


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