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The World of Warcraft

The headless HorsemanNew: Hallows End and the Headless Horseman Event - Warcraft has an event running from October 18 to Nov 1 called Hallows End. It spotlights a level 70 Elite creature called The Headless Horseman. I have taken him down several times and got some nice drops including an epic helm. Here is more information about the event and the Horseman - The Headless Horseman (Pics too)



Marabella has been adventuring into Karazhan - Here is where I will post pictures and information about the runs, the bosses and the loot - Karazhan





Zul' Aman - The New Instance

Marabella went into Zul'Aman on the first day of release and managed to down the first boss. Here is some information about it




Warcraft Fishing Stuff - Including Mr.Pinchy, and the new Fish with release 2.3


WarlockVisit my Warcraft store for miniatures, figures, cards, games, software and more. It's all available on The Great Warcraft stuff store




Leveling Guide

New (Oct, 07) I am currently working on a leveling guide for alliance characters. The tutorial runs a warrior called "Solataire" through the world of Azeroth. The guide takes you from the very absolute beginning and walks you through the best way to level from 1. Check out the Warcraft Alliance Leveling Guide






do not disturb playing warcraft sign

I have been playing online games for many years now going back to the early days of Ultima Online (which I really enjoyed) I have also played Final Fantasy online, Knight Online, Shadowbane, Runescape, and Eternal Lands and Warcraft is my favorite! I really didn't think I would like it but somebody offered me a free trial subscription and I really took to it. It has everything an online gamer could want! And it is aimed at players of all ages and skill levels. One of the best things I like about it is the way it it handles leveling and questing. You avoid a lot of the leveling grind by chasing after quests which is quite unique and quite enjoyable for me. The Warcraft Virtual Reality Pod


Resources to Warcraft Stuff I have written

I have built, in my living room, the ultimate gamers experience! I call it the warcraft pod, and it is complete with two computers, a telephone, mini fridge, and the bucket seat from a volkswagen. See pictures and an explanation of how I built it.


Tales from the World of Warcraft - Maybe it's a virtual world, but it is a world nonetheless. And this means that people will be people! Here are some stories from my adventures in Warcraft. Some are insightful and some are downright hilarious! Tales from the World of Warcraft

Articles and Reviews of Warcraft


Warcraft Links

WOW leveling guide - Welcome to the WoW Leveling Guide website. Here you will find many World of Warcraft Leveling Guides created by authors with vast experience and knowledge of the game.

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