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Alliance Leveling Guide - Part 1: Introduction to the world and the gameplay

First characterOkay, so you have created your character, selected all of the options like race, sex and hair styles. Now its time to get playing. In this tutorial I will be using a character I created. Her name is Solataire and she is a warrior. If you ever see her in game say hi and if you pose with me for a screen shot maybe I will put it on this website! Press the red button under at the feet of your character entitled "Enter World" and let's get started on an adventure that you will never forget!

Elwynn Forest

Just Like Magic you appear in the world of warcraft. This is the place where remarkable adventures and amazing battles await. As an alliance character the first place you start is in Elwynn Forest.

Now let's get moving. You are going to embark on your first quest. And quests are one of the things that make warcraft so special. It is a game loaded with literally thousands of quests of all kinds ranging from very simple ones that you can do alone to very complex chains of quests that you have to complete in order to get access to parts of the game or to get special high end rewards.

Officer Willem

Officer Willem - In front of you is a character named Officer Willem. He has a yellow exclamation point over his head. this indicates that he has a quest that you can take. Press the "W" key on your keyboard and walk over to him. The four movement keys on the keyboard are the standard W,A,D,S and they are forward, left, right, and back.

Right Click on Officer Willem and the quest comes up.


A Threat Within

A Threat Within - Your First Quest

The quest dialog comes up and it explains the quest for you. You have the option to accept or decline every quest by the buttons at the bottom. Of course you will accept this quest but take a look and read it so you understand it. These quest dialogs ar very important and will tell you all you need to do get the quest done. At the bottom, under the "Quest Objectives" it says that to complete the quest you need to talk to Marshall McBride. So, to finish your first quest you have to find Marshall McBride and talk to him. So, where could he be?

mini map

Look in the upper right hand corner of your screen and you will see the mini map. this is a little map of the world you are in. And it tells you a lot of information. The White arrow is you and it points the way you are facing. But you also see a yellow dot on the map. This is the object of your quest - Marshall McBride. When you get close to the objective of a quest the mini map will show you where it is.

The mini-map will show you lots of other things like the location of minerals or herbs that you need to harvest or mine.

So, run on over to where the yellow dot is and talk to Marshall McBride to finish your first quest. He is just inside the building.

Marshall McBride - Notice that he has a question mark over his head. This means he is the destination of a quest. An exclamation means a quest you can get and a question mark means a quest you will be able to finish. Right click on him and let's see what he has to say. You get a dialog to complete the quest and when you click on it you get some copper and experience points! Wow, you can get experience from doing quests. This is one of the great things about Warcrafts. You don't necessarily have to kill thousands of monsters in order to level up. Of course there are plenty of monsters you will be killing but know that there are other ways to level up.

Once you close out that quest Marshall McBride gets an exclamation point over his head which means he has a quest for you so right click on him and check out the quest. It is called "Kobold Camp Cleanup". He wants you to kill 10 kobold vermin and then return to him for your reward. Accept it and let's get moving.

On your way back out the door you will see that Officer Willem now has a yellow exclamation point and another quest for you. Talk to him and accept that quest. It is called: "Eagan Peltskinner" and he wants you to go talk to Eagan. Accept the quest and lets get moving.

Up until now you have completed one quest and accepted two more. So how do you keep track of the quests you need to do? There could be a lot of them right? It's pretty easy. There is a quest log you can look at to see what quests you have and review what you have to do to complete them.

This quest log is accessible by a little icon at the bottom of your screen:

quest log icon

Find this little icon of a golden cup at the bottom of your screen and click on it. It is the quest log icon.

Here ya go. Your quest log and currently it will hold up to 25 quests at any one time. You can see your two quests. (Eagan Peltskinner and Kobold Camp Cleanup). Clicking on any of the quest will bring up the dialog explaining what it is.

We are ready to move on and start playing. But first we are going to take a look at one thing that is very important. Your items, where you keep them and where you can buy them. Continue on to introduction to items







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