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New Cooking Quests

The Rokk Master of CookingWith the Release of 2.3 in Nov there are some great new Daily Cooking quests for new cooking recipes. The quest gives is The Rokk and he stands on a crate in the northern section of Lower City of Shattrath. You can get a new quest from him every day and the reward will be some gold and your choice of either A barrel of fish or a crate of meat. Inside these containers is sometimes a new recipe among other things.



Warcraft Cooking Quest: Manalicious Easy cooking quest where you run out and collect 15 mana berries More about it here

Cooking Quest: Super Hot Stew - This quest requires you to cook crunchy serpent and Mok'Nathal Shortribs. Here is where to find this stuff and how to do it the easy way Super Hot Stew

Cooking Quest: Soup for the Soul - This quest sends you to Nagrand to find Clefthoof ribs and cook up a special stew at the Ancestral Grounds How to do the quest here





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Daily Cooking Quests