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Weather Beaten Journal

The Weather Beaten Journal is a new item just put into the game with the latest patch (Nov 13, 07) It is an item that you can fish up and it gives you the very nice fishing skill of finding fish. How it works is it puts a new skill in your skill tabs and when you click on it you get the ability to see fishing pools in your mini map. This is exactly how it works with mining or herb gathering. You see a little yellow dot on your minimap showing you schools of fish.

Marabella Fishing

Marabella fished up the Weather-Beaten Journal in Zangar Marsh.

Once I decided to try for this nice little item it took me about an hour and a half before I got it. I first started fishing the highlind mixed schools in Terokkar and then I moved on to Coilfang Reservoir. By the time I had got it I had fished up approximately 130 fish , steampump debris and various other what not. This should give you an approximate feel that it won't be too hard to get this for yourself.

I really like this skill because it makes fishing so much easier. As I fly by various spots I don't have to swoop in and take a good look. I can just watch the mini map. I think this will have a nice impact on how much money I can make per hour fishing.





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