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Warcraft Cooking Quest: Super Hot Stew

For this quest The Rokk Requests you cook up some Demon Broiled Surprise using his cooking pot. To make the Demon Broiled Suprise you are going to need to have already learned two recipes: Mok'Nathal Shortribs and Crunchy Serpent. If you don't know these recipes already you can head out to Toshleys Station in the Blades Edge Mountains and buy them from a vendor named: Sassa Weldwell (Trade Goods Vendor). I suggest you buy some simple wood and the flint and tinder too so you can just cook up the food without having to scout around for a cooking fire.

Now you need to gather up the materials for your two new recipes. Just north of Toshley's station are the necessary mobs. Fly or ride out of Toshley's to the north - just follow the road north and they are all along this road. In a few minutes you will have all the ingredients you need.

Daggermaw lashtailThe Mok'Nathal shortribs require 1 raptor rib and you get these from Dragonmaw lashtails, Bladespire Raptors, Felsword Daggermaws , Bladespire Ravagers or Daggermaw Blackhides. To do the Superhot stew you are going to need 2 shortribs so get 2 raptor ribs.




Scalewing Serpent

The Crunchy Serpent recipe requires 1 serpent flesh and you can get these from scalewing serpents or Felsworn scalewings. To do the superhot stew you are going to need 1 crunchy serpent so all you need is 1 serpent flesh.




A couple of notes about farming this area. There is some adamantite for miners and felweed for herbalists so keep an eye open. And the elite Maggoc Son of Gruul roams this area so be careful.

Cook up your crunchy serpent and your 2 nok nathal shortribs.

Now you need to slay an abyssal flamebringer and use the cooking pot with your new ingredients to make the Demon Broiled Suprise. To do this take the flight path from toshleys to Sylvanaar then fly to either Forge Camp: Wrath or Forgecamp: Terror. Slay an abyssal Flamebringer and use the pot over his body.

Now head back to Shattrath and see The Rokk for your reward!

Recipe: Broiled BloodfinI got 7 gold and 59 silver, a bunch of fish, some furious crawdad, and the broiled bloodfin recipe which is great! I guess now its off to Deadwind pass to catch some Bloodfin Catfish! If you want to know more about Bloodfin Catfish I have info about where to get it here









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