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Soup for the Soul - Daily Cooking Quest

The Rokk in Shattrath city gives you a daily cooking quest called "Soup for the Soul". It's a pretty easy quest and a quick trip to Nagrand will get it done.

Cooking quest: Soup for the soul

Soup For the Soul Cooking Quest

The important thing to note here is that you need to use the cooking pot that The Rokk gives you in the Ancestral Grounds of Nagrand. So don't fly out there get your clefthoof meat then fly back without stopping at Ancestral grounds to do the cooking!




Location of Ancestral Grounds

The Black Arrow shows the location of the Ancestral Grounds where you need to use the pot to cook up the Spiritual Soup.

The best way to do this is to fly to Telaar from Shatt then mount up and fly in a low path directly to the Ancestral grounds and along the way watch out for clefthoofs so you can dismount and kill them. So just farm as you travel from Telaar to Ancestral grounds.

Cooking in ancestral grounds

Once you have 5 Clefthoof Meat just go to the fire and use the cooking pot that The Rokk gave you and you are done. Return to The Rokk for your reward.

Note that there are cauldrons in the Ancestral Grounds and you would think that you can use them but you can't.

I also recommend you farm plenty of extra Clefthoof and save them for the next time you get this daily quest.









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