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Crescent Tail Skullfish

Crescent-tail SkullfishThe Crescent-tail Skullfish

This is a new fish that has been released with the warcraft patch that came out on Nov 13,07. It is an interesting little fish and it is used in a new recipe.

It can be caught in the waters of Deadwind Pass in and around Karazhan. And it can be caught in the waters around the new instance Zul'aman.

Marabella took about a half hour of fishing around Karazahan and pulled up a few of them. It seems to be around a 10% catch.

The Crescent-Tail Skullfish is used in the recipe Skullfish soup and this recipe is also new and is given by the new Cooking Daily quest NPC in Shattrath. It is a random drop so you never know if and when you are going to get it. I recommend you just do the cooking recipes on a daily basis to see what you will get. I would imagine that you will get it eventually!

Skullfish Soup Recipe

Here is the recipe for Skullfish Soup. Great food for mana users. Beats me what the "You will become enlightened" stuff is about.

The Spell crit is pretty nice and I think this food will sell well on the auction house.






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