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Alliance Leveling Guide - Part 3: First Combat

Okay, enough talk and enough of the poking around at things. Let's do some killing! You know we have a quest in our log that tells us to kill vermin kobolds and we just want to get to it.

Eagan PeltskinnerOne more quick thing. You have another quest called "Eagan Peltskinner" and you need to talk to him. He is right near the vendors around the side of the big building. You should see a yellow dot on your mini map that shows where he is. Go find him and get his quest. It is called: "Wolves Across the border" and he wants you to bring him 8 pieces of tough wolf meat. Of course you will get this by killing wolves.


So, looking at your quest log you now know that you have to kill wolves and vermin kobold. It's time to get started and do it!

Wolves and kobold are not far from here. You can see them roaming all around the abbey and to the north of the abbey. So run over to one.

Entering CombatA note about Creatures and enemies in the game. If the name above the creature is in red it is going to immediately attack you when you get close. This red name means "aggresive". If the name is in yellow it is not aggressive and you can get close to it and initiate attack. But once you attack the battle has begun! Go over to a wolf, get real close and right click on it! The battle has begun!!!


After the battle you can click on the wolf and see if it is carrying something for you. Pick up any stuff by clicking on it - it wil show up in your backpack. You will either need to save this stuff to turn in for a quest or you can sell it to vendors. Of course you will sometimes find stuff you will use such as weapons, armor, potions and all kinds of fun stuff.

So what now?

Easy enough! Do your quests! Kill ten wolves then kill 10 vermin kobold. After you have done this you should go back to the two quest givers and turn them in for your rewards of copper and experience points! You are on your way.


When you click on a beast you wil see it's icon at the top of your screen. It tells you a lot like the level of the beast. In this case the young wolf is a level 1 and the green bar is its health beast iconbar. Get it down to zero and it is killed. Of course if your health goes to zero you die! When starting out take a look at beasts before you attack. Only pick on level 1 beasts. If you pick a level 2 or 3 it might be too hard and kill you. But then again if you pick a beast that is higher level than you it gives you more experience points and you will level up faster.

Now lets continue on and get focused on our quests so we can level up fast and get to the bigger adventures in the world of warcraft. Continue on to the leveling guide levels 1-10







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