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Mr Pinchy and the Magical Crawdad


Magical Crawdad

The Magical Crawdad Pet

It is a rare pet and it is called "magical" but I wonder if there is anything really magical about it? The people at Blizzard are a funny bunch and I wouldn't put it past them to have lots of little secrets. Anyway. Marabella caught Mr. Pinchy and got the magical crawdad pet. It's kind of fun and people always comment on it. "Wow, where did you get that pet?" And stuff like that.

The Magical Crawdad is a lucky drop from a rare fishing catch called Mr. Pinchy. When you catch Mr. Pinchy he gives you three wishes. Each wish has a two day cool down! Imagine that. With every wish there is a chance that you will get the Magical Crawdad Box. So, It is a rare drop to get Mr. Pinchy then it is a rare drop to get the wish for the box. I haven't seen too many of these around Azeroth.

Magical Crawdad Box

The Magical Crawdad Box works just like any other pet carrier. You just keep it in your inventory and click on it when you want your pet to appear.

The best thing about the magical crawdad, aside from the rareness of it is the hilarious way it runs around and follows you. Just love this pet.


Fishing for crawdad

If you want to try to catch mr pinchy and get a magical crawdad of your own here is a map fo the three lakes that he drops in. You have to search these lakes for schools of mixed highland fish.

And as a little note: If you are flying between the points be careful above the stonebreaker hold . There are orcs there that will shoot you down.







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