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Alliance Leveling Guide - Part 4: Fast Leveling from 1 - 10

You have the basic idea of what to do and you should play around and have some fun with all the things you have learned. And after you are done exploring I have laid out a schedule for you that will make you fly through your levels easily and painlessly. (Well there will be pain and even a few deaths but that comes with the game).

Alright, you are a level one and you can't do a whole lot. But you do have enough to get rolling and start leveling up. Each time you level you will gain in health, strength, intelligence and other things. And you will be able to use stronger and more powerful weapons, armor and skills. So that's the point. Soon enough you will be doing some really powerful stuff. But to get there you have to earn it! So let's start the earning.

What quests do you have:

  • Marshall McBride (Already Done)
  • A Threat Within (Already Done)
  • Eagan Peltskinner (Already Done)
  • Wolves Across the Border
  • Kobold Camp Cleanup

Finish the two quests remaining by killing vermin kobolds and wolves. Then turn in the quest to Eagan Peltskinner and get your reward of armor and copper. Then go into the abbey and turn in the quest Kobold Camp Cleanup with Marshall McBride. Get the follow up quests from him.

  • Simple letter (Only if you are a warrior you get this quest)
  • Investigate Echo Ridge

If you are a warrior you get the simple letter quest to go talk to Llane Beshere who is in the abbey just a few steps to your right in the next room. Go talk to him and train with him.

Go back outside and talk to Deputy Willem and pick up the quest "Brotherhood of Thieves". Then pay a visit to the vendors at the caravan and sell any junk and stuff you don't need. Check all the armor and weapons and if you can use them and they are better than what you have then equip them.

Notes around the Northshire Abbey: There are various trainers around the Abbey including a Rogue trainer outside and around back and warrior and paladin trainer inside. There is a warlock trainer outside and to the right of the front door of the abbey. There is a priest trainer on the first floor inside and a Mage trainer on the second floor.

By now you have reached level 3 and there will be a skill available for you to train up to. Go visit your trainer and take a look see what new thing you can learn. Get familiar with your trainer. You will return and learn more as you level up. This is critically important in your progression.

Now go north from the Abbey and kill 10 Worker Kobolds which finishes the Investigate Echo Ridge quest. Run back to Marshall McBride and turn in the quest then pick up the follow up quest "Skirmish At Echo Ridge". This requires you to kill 12 Kobold laborers. Run to the north again and do this then return to McBride.

Echo Ridge Mine

Kobold laborers are inside the mine just north of Northshire Abbey. You are going to have to go inside. If you have trouble as a level 3 you may want to kill a bunch of lower level creatures outside then go inside. The laborers are levels 3 and 4.

While you are killing the laborers you should level up to 4. Congratulations!

Explore the mine

If you are feeling adventurous explore deeper into the mine. It is reasonably safe if you don't attack anything. All the creatures are yellow and won't attack. Sometimes there is a chest that appears somewhere inside the cave. Go take a look see if it is there and claim any goodies it might have. Take a look at your minimap at the upper right of your computer screen. See how it shows the caves. This will help you find you way in then back out again.


When you are done exploring return to Marshall McBride for your reward and pick up the follow up quest:

  • Report to Goldshire

But let's not go there yet. Now we are going to do our other quest: "Brotherhood of Thieves" And this is your first real combat challenge. Go to the east and you will see a bridge and river. Cross the river and start fighting with the defias. But be careful. They are red to you and very aggressive. They are not like the wolves or kobolds. These defias will attack you first and the danger is that while you are fighting one another one comes by and starts attacking! So be careful and watch things around you. Once you have gotten 12 Red Bandanas for the quest you can return to the abbey and turn them in to Deputy Willem for your reward. Pick up the two follow up quests:

  • Milly Osworth
  • Bounty on Garrick Padfoot

You should be level 5 by now. If not you should go and kill some creatures until you reach level 5. Sell your junk to the vendors and repair your armor.

Go talk to Milly. She is around the back of the Abbey (outside). Turn in the quest and pick up the follow up quest:

  • Milly's Harvest

Milly's harvest

Run back to the east and over the bridge. You will see a vinyard with barrels. Those barrels are Milly's Harvest. You need to collect up eight of them. So fight and sneak your way around until you have collected eight then return to Milly and collect the quest reward.

Pick up the follow up quest:

  • Grape Manifest

Then go talk to Brother Neals to turn in the quest and pick up your reward.

Now it's time to face our first big challenge. It's sort of like a boss quest. This is the Bounty on Garrick Padfoot quest.

Before you do this quest make sure you visit your trainer, upgrade and repair your armor and sell any junk you have.

He is to the east outside a little shack near the grape vinyard where you found Milly's harvest. Go carefully and kill him. He has a bodyguard so it will be a challenge. Return to Deputy Willem with his head when you are done and collect your reward.

Now its off to Goldshire for you!






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