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Warcraft Cooking Quest: Manalicious

The RokkManalicious is a daily cooking quest given by The Rokk in the northern end of Lower City of Shattrath








Manalicious Quest

This is the quest for Manalicious. Your reward is some gold and your choice of either a barrel of fish or a crate of meat.

An important thing to note here is the instruction to forget about Stormspire.

Marabella went directly to Netherstorm and then to Eco-Dome Midrealm and the Berry bushes were everywhere. It took me about three minutes to collect up the berries I needed for the quest.

Manaberry Bush

A Manaberry Bush

The new patch makes items of import sparkle which is pretty nice. The bushes were everywhere and it took about three minutes to collect up the 15 berries needed.

So, It was a quick ride back to Shattrath and The Rokk for my reward. I turned in the berries and selected the Barrel of fish. The whole quest took about ten minutes and most of this was flight time

Manalicious Rewards

Here is what I got inside my barrel of fish:

8 Barbed Gill Trout

6 Figluster's Mudfish (Used to make Grilled Mudfish)

1 Ruined Fishing Net

Recipe: Skullfish Soup (Nice recipe and I have more info about the recipe and where to catch the crescent-tail skullfish here)







Netherwing Mount

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